Absolute Vs. Relative Path

The main difference between an absolute and a relative path is that an absolute path specifies the location from the root directory whereas a relative path is related to the current directory.

Another visible difference between the two pathways is that an absolute pathway starts with a delimiting character such as “/” whereas a relative pathway never begins with such characters. In an absolute pathway the forward delimiting character then trickles down to the required location.

However, using a relative pathway is only feasible when moving around in the same directory. An absolute pathway is used when a link navigates to content in another website and a relative pathway is used while linking something on the same website.


Parameter of Comparison Absolute Path Relative Path
By definition specifies the location from the root directory related to the location from current directory
Function of delimiting character Begins with a delimiting character Never begins with a delimiting character
Navigates to Content from other domains Content from the same domain
URL used Uses absolute URL Used relative URL
Other names Full-path or File path Non-absolute path

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